Collection: Flourish Sweater Series

The first sweater in the series is the Crawl Sweater which utilizes just the knit stitch, increases, and decreases to create a simple, seamless sweater that is surprisingly polished.

The Walk Sweater builds on this foundation and adds the purl stitch to add stretch with ribbing on the neck, hem, and cuffs. Walk transforms the plain body of Crawl into a canvas for texture with the Mountain Texture zig-zag pattern. In doing so, Walk shows you how to read pattern charts to make sense of complex instructions.

In the final sweater of the series, Run, augments the predecessors with more refined neckline shaping and multiple colors to add three classic stripes across the body and the arms. Each sweater pattern helps you navigate the new techniques and gives you multiple opportunities to practice. After this Flourish Sweater Series, you’ll face sweater knitting with confidence. 

As each sweater follows the same pattern, they are all designed to fit a 3 - 9 month old baby. To knit these, you need one set of 16 inch - Size 7 needles.