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Run Sweater Kit

Run Sweater Kit

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With both the Crawl and the Walk Sweater complete, you’ve developed many of the core sweater knitting techniques. For this final sweater in the series, you’ll use a key technique for refining the sweater shape: short rows. Short rows enable the back of the neck sweater to be raised higher than the front to better fit the human body. You’ll also use multiple colors to add three classic stripes to the body and the arms. Using multiple colors can seem daunting, but you’ll see just how easy it is and how professional it makes the sweater look. 

This pattern is designed for babies 3–9 months of age.

Note: In addition to the materials provided in the kit, you will need two sets of size 7 circular needles, one of which must be exactly 16" long. If you don't already have these needles, you can add them below. 

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