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2oz/ 100 yards. 100% Cormo. Worsted weight.

Our newest yarn and our only worsted weight. Ambrosia is from our cormo sheep and will redefine what ‘soft’ means in a 100% wool yarn. Because it’s micron count is 19 or less (see “Fiber Facts” page at for details) this wool feels like cashmere. Seriously. It’s bouncy, light and delicious as the mythical ambrosia of the gods should be. Soft and comfy against the neck or anywhere you worry wool might be scratchy. You can dye it or just enjoy it’s natural, creamy white color. (Who doesn’t look great in winter white?) Once you get a taste of Ambrosia, you’ll want seconds. 

The photo of six white yarns for comparison are (and in varying plys and weights- this is strictly for color): Alpaca Silk, Ambrosia, White Divinity, Royal Divinity, Cloud Puff, Marshmallow Cream

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