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Valhalla Yarns

Cloud Puff

Cloud Puff

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 2oz/2ply light sport,  200 yards. <18 Micron Cormo.  $30. per skein.

Probably our whitest white. Cloud Puff is fluffy, soft Cormo to give it a bit of "bounce back" factor. In the skein, you just want to squeeze it's puffy, softness. This bright white isn't bleached, it comes off the animal like this! Any garment knit with this heavenly fiber is worthy of the name, Valhalla.

The photo of six white yarns for comparison are (and in varying plys and weights- this is strictly for color): Alpaca Silk, Ambrosia, White Divinity, Royal Divinity, Cloud Puff, Marshmallow Cream

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