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Valhalla Yarns

Marshmallow Cream

Marshmallow Cream

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2oz/3ply sport,  175 yards. 50% Baby Alpaca, 50% Cormo.   $30.00 per skein.

Marshmallow cream is puffy, soft, and creamy as a marshmallow. A knitting delight. You can’t help but smile while it’s in your hands. This amazing yarn is from our best award-winning alpacas. This pristine white is how it naturally comes off our alpaca, it has not been bleached or enhanced.  Marshmallow Cream dances through your fingers and performs like no other. The superior alpaca fiber gives it the cashmere-like quality softness, cormo gives it bounce and memory for a truly remarkable yarn. Will take up any dye happily.

The photo of six white yarns for comparison are (and in varying plys and weights- this is strictly for color): Alpaca Silk, Ambrosia, White Divinity, Royal Divinity, Cloud Puff, Marshmallow Cream


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