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White Mist

White Mist

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2oz/2 ply fingering weight  100% Alpaca  300 yards         $40. per skein

When you see a skein of yarn for forty dollars, you think, "this better be great." And so, it is. The most expensive yarn in our shop for good reason. 

Because this is 100% alpaca, it is not sweater yarn. But you knew that. This is a sumptuous, elegant, draping yarn. Perfect for elegant shawls and wraps, tender baby hats, or whoever is precious to you that you want to wrap in the softest fiber they've ever felt. That would be this.

In the picture with 2 skeins, the one on the left is White Mist. The one on the right is Royal Divinity. And RD has 10% Cormo in it. Similar, but slightly different.

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