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White Alpaca-Silk

White Alpaca-Silk

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2oz/2ply light fingering. 200 yards. 80% Alpaca, <18 micron count, 20% silk  $35. per skein.

This is the yarn to reach for when you have a project that's the epitome of elegance and drape. Maybe that's a shawl? Maybe a scarf or elegant gloves? The fact that it's mostly low micron count alpaca means it has over-the-top cashmere quality softness and a sexy drape. The silk content means it has a lovely luster and sheen. Whatever you choose it for, this is a superior yarn.

The photo of six white yarns for comparison are (and in varying plys and weights- this is strictly for color): Alpaca Silk, Ambrosia, White Divinity, Royal Divinity, Cloud Puff, Marshmallow Cream

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